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Website Backstory and Disclaimer!

Back in early 2020 I started this retirement planning and financial BLOG on WIX called When I started this website, Covid was just making the news, and I was starting a long recovery from a knee injury and the following surgery. The knee injury was the result of an errent-not-so-errant hit in a recreational, oldtimer’s hockey league by a much larger … and clumbsier … bloke, and it changed my retirement plans slightly. Nobody wants to get hurt in retirement, and this bad injury came only 5 months after we pulled the plug and moved to a warmer Canadian city. The prognosis was a completely ruptured ACL, partially torn MCL and popliteal tendon, and a minor tear in my meniscus (ouch!!). When I heard the pop I actually thought and felt my leg had broke. It hurt a lot! A break would have been better I would later discover. Bones heal, but completely ruptured ACLs don’t, and they are a key component to a stable knee.

   This was the first big test to our early retirement. When I went to the public doctor, and found out the long wait times and saw covid on the horizon, I starting researching if I had other options. I quickly found some private options to progress my outcome. Following a private MRI in Dec 2019 and a consulation with a private surgeon shortly after, I decided private surgery was my best option, despite the personal costs. It was scheduled and completed in Jan 2020, and everything went well.

The injury, surgery, and recovery took me out of commission for 5-6 mos afterwards. This was also a significant, unplanned retirement cost, as I bucked the Canadian public medical system and paid my own way. When the dust settled, it proved out to be a good decision, as I was able to get it done a couple months before elective surgeries in hospitals all over the world were deferred during covid. Furthermore, if I would have waited, I wouldn’t have been able to properly repair my meniscus, it had a 3 month time-window to get stitched up, and I would have been left with a bum meniscus and plus 1-2 years to get the ACL reconstruction done. The public doctor left this fact out of my initial visit, and I learned it later, a good reason you must take your health into your own hands and be engaged to ensure success. My suggestion to you though, would be, avoid knee injuries in your retirement!! They suck!!

   Anyways, if there is such a thing as really good timing for really bad stuff to happen, this was a prime example. I got the surgery done just before Covid, then I had months/years of Covid shutdowns that a) made going the private route pay off in spades, and b) gave me a lot of time to recover in the covid bubble so I didn’t have the stress of missing out on life (SOMO as opposed to FOMO) due to my injury, surgery, and long recovery. And, ..the recovery was long! It took me 5-6 months just to walk properly, and over a year to feel semi-normal in my knee. It was 2 years before I recovered near equal strength in my legs. It was in the winter 2 years post-surgery when I finally braved going back to curling and the ski hill.

  I digressed a bit with the prelude. The whole reason I started this BLOG was because I was recovering and bored, wanted to challenge myself to learn something new, wanted to keep myself fresh on any rule changes and inner workings of retirement planning and investing, and I had always wondered how internet websites were set up and maintained. Being a retiree who made the scary leap to DIY investing and decumulation, I felt my journey and experiences leading up to and into retirement had something to offer or possibly inspire others? All I wanted to do was just hammer out some articles to share with my family and friends. Now I have amost 60 articles inked and published on my website!! They seem to come in waves as I get bored and re-inspired. Along the way I put the odd rant in and shared a bit of my own personal thoughts and experiences with stuff like paid advisors and financial institutions, the stock market, as well as other things affecting finacial aspects of life and retirement planning like inflation, budgets, wills, gambling, insurance, teaching your kids good money habits, estate planning, trusts, how shares anf funds work, etc. etc.

   Now to the point. I did this BLOG for me, my family, and close friends. If anyone else finds it and checks in, they are welcome to come and go and check out the content. I will, on occasion, even accept new subcribers, as long as your emails aren’t shady or highly suspect like However, if you are a lone subscriber, or someone I don’t personally know, a bit of a personal note with your subscription letting me know you aren’t a bot or scammer, and what your interest is, might help your subscription get expedited. I never planned on selling anything here, nor do I want to. If I’m honest I’m kinda over with working for money, as it comes with commitments and doesn’t (personally) help us with our retirement (decumulation) goals. I do it cuz of the reasons above, and anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy writing my thoughts down. If you are a marketer or website designer, I don’t care to entertain any sales pitches or care if my website is perfect or at the top of any web searches,… so I ignore these requests or offers for help. The less people that can find my website through a search and potentially scam-bomb me the better! I tell family and friends that I’ve built this website, and why, and if they choose to check it out and tell anyone else then great, they can all go and read it and find out a little about me, what I’ve learned, and what I’ve done in retirement. If others find it, no problem, .. it’s public.

   Now for the grand finale!! I am not a professional advisor!!! That is not why I have this website and I do not give professional advice, but rather, offer thoughts and suggestions based on my own situation, research, plan, and experiences. What worked for me may not work for you, and that is normal to everyone’s planning and execution journey. I have made a few mistakes when I first started DIY investing, and in our first few years of DIY retirement, but none have been fatal and they helped me improve … so far. If you read my articles, hopefully you get something out of them, … but, “YOU DO YOU”! In life, you take info in and you use what makes sense to you.

Always.. always… educate yourself and check with a reputable financial expert (or two) before going alone on your investment or retirement plans, … I DID!! Between you and I, I don’t need them (much) any more, but that is me. It could all change in an instant if I am hit by a bus. Part of my retirement plan involves teaching my wife and kids how it all works and how I’ve set it up, and how it would change in an estate settlement, … another good reason for this website.


I do, however, appreciate all feedback or discussion. Don’t hold back on this!

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