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Hard To Stay Motivated

Hello all. I have been a lacking a little motivation and short on inspiration lately. I’m not entirely sure why? Maybe it has to do with the daily slog of Covid life, or the rollercoaster of good-bad news, or constantly changing geo-politics lately? I have a couple rants in my BLOG, possibly that chased some people away? Part of it is that I never seem to get any feedback to my website (good or bad) in the comment section of my articles, no likes, no comments, or very few questions or ideas for new content, with the exception of a couple close friends who prefer to text me. You know who you are, …and thanks!! It could be that I haven’t had a new subscriber/member in many months, and only have 9 total members to date.

I started this BLOG initially to try something new, share my own personal journey, views, and learnings on my path to retirement and beyond, and in an attempt to stay somewhat current with changes in the financial world. Being a retired, DIY investor managing my own retirement decumulation, I felt staying current was important, and what better way to do it? This worked early on for me, and I was keen to put my thoughts down in a flurry of articles this year. But after writing 39 atricles in under a year I found maybe I am yearning for something more than just self-satisfaction? It’s nice to get the odd note and/or a conversation from people visiting the site on your efforts. Maybe some new visitors once in awhile would indicate users are sharing the website name and networking is at play? I thought I didn’t really need more but maybe I do? Now that I’m retired it’s definitely something I miss a bit, because when you were working the odd bit of constructive feedback or simple recognition came your way once in awhile.

I read up on BLOG life a bit before I started, and from what I read the first year or two are the toughest, when you’re building up a subscriber base and working out all the kinks of your writing in terms of generating enticing content? There is a lot of retirement and financial info and bloggers out there if you search around. Many I follow and have learned from over the years. Many I have spun my own articles from. I may have pay to to get some SEO expertise in the future if I want to get google working for me? This is something I've considered too.

Anyhooooooo …. I’m going to keep this Blog a tad short. It would be a nice change to see the odd comment or question, a modest increase in traffic or visitors, or even a like (simple click on the heart) in the forum articles to help me out. I’d like to know if people care, find my writing hard to follow or understand, find the site hard to navigate, or otherwise. Maybe you like it and are just the quiet type? At any rate, some feedback would be appreciated.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading this!!

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I've found your blogs useful to me because they provide a different perspective to how I usually approach issues. It's good to rethink these biases and determine whether my instinctive approach is in my best interest. Covid and volatile weather have been tough on motivation lately but I hope you keep on posting.

Dec 31, 2021
Replying to

Thx for the feedback Dave,… glad it’s got some content you find interesting and useful!

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